by Mad as Birds

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please do download for free, this isn't something where $$$ was the goal. if you REALLY want to, there's a pay what you want option.
this is the first project with vocals I've made in years. the initial idea was to see if I could still write pop music that doesn't suck, and actually attempt to make it sound decent, unlike the last few projects I did (from 2010/2012) which sounded as if they'd been produced to turn people off.
I truly hope ya'll enjoy this, -patrick


released January 28, 2017

I use sound clips from "her," Bill Hicks, "fight club," and Elliott Smith, the rest is all me. I used garageband, nano studio, acoustic guitar, an old keyboard, and a single microphone.



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Mad as Birds Seattle, Washington

Mad as Birds is a recording artist out of Seattle, WA. influences include Radiohead, Elliott Smith, Sparklehorse, Ravenna Woods

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Track Name: Circa '97
I watched your car pull up outside
you parked and fired off a smile so bright it hurt my eyes
back then I thought you'd save my life
and you did many times over, just not in the ways I had in mind
we're gonna find peace some day
two different cities two different lives
twenty years have passed though we still stay in touch online
so "poke" me on facebook, i'll say hi
do you know I miss the parts of you I didn't steal to keep behind
we're gonna find peace some day
Track Name: Insomniac Conscience
I've done a lot of harm, painted targets all over my heart
said my fair share of harsh words, their only intention being to hurt,
and oh they hurt
the crutches that I make for you will break
ain't no apologies coming it's still your mistake
cause you forgot the hook in every bait
rats in the walls of your prized estate
the basement's flooded, it's rotted out
the rain drips through the roofing tiles
what once cleaned up nice seems now
to be wrecked, nearly falling down
and yet there's miles to go before we sleep
Track Name: Recovery Day
Monday: force yourself out of bed
Tuesday: a little better but still pretty bad
Wensday: only two more days to go
Thursday: picked up a little hope but just a little so
Friday: you push yourself as high as you'll go
Saturday: now you gotta keep yourself from hitting the floor
till Sunday you better spend the day in bed,
cause you're gonna have to do it again.
worked entwined with the thoughts in your head
alarm goes off you wish you're dead
sip your coffee then it's time to go
you crawl, you scratch, you bitch, you moan,
you spend your life trying to get back
to a fleeting truth from an idealized past
till late at night you lie awake in bed
and you're gonna have to do it again.
Track Name: Outside
a monstrous fear lies coiled in wait
wary eyes watching for an escape
once it whispered dread, now it's guarding the front door
it won't let me out anymore
so I watch from my tower, an insulated coward
the only place I find peace
so come on over brother, come on in my lover,
just please don't ask me to leave.
strap by strap, struggling free of this
straightjacket stitched up with irrational fears and regrets
a one man meta riot in a room no one can see
ends with the door kicked down, an imprisoned voice saying
"not another day of falling into line
of watching from safe towers, living a life that I despise."
this sterile challenge-less state is all I know, (it's not helping anything, not helping anything)
no locks to pick apart these walls I've sown, (sickness manifest into brick and stone)
their dust will cover me from head to toe, when finally, with willing curiosity I step outside.